Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chinese Metaphysics


Welcome to all with open minds and healing energies!

Forever a learning student in my heart, I am studying Traditional Chinese Medicine & Moxibustion, and Chinese Metaphysics. I am intensifying my studies in order to be able to offer a holistic service to the public. On this journey, I am learning from professionals and renowned teachers all around the globe.

In Sept 2013 I decided to embark on my own adventure to China in order to delve deeper into the world of TCM and Moxibustion, working with and learning from revered teachers and masters. My journey began in Jinan in Shandong province where I was lucky enough to get Zhouyi lessons from a well known scholar at Zhouyi department there and from other specialists in that field. Learning Chinese at the local University, I got to experience Chinese life first-hand.

My trip will continue in Beijing in March 2014, Nanjing, and Tokyo, Japan as my last destination.

My goal after this trip is to have a comprehensive understanding of TCM and Moxibustion so that I can share my experiences, knowledge and practice with others, showing them new paths to a life in balance with body and mind.


foto:”Prescriptions d’acuponcture valant mille onces d’or”Traite d’acuponcture de Sun Simiao VII’ siècle. Editeur Guy Tredaniel.

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